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July 14 Wellness screening
by posted 07/14/2020

Complete by 2pm for tonight's game.

Checkin at Field 1

Arrive with your facecovering on

Leave your equipment bags in the car

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July 12 Wellness screening
by posted 07/12/2020

NXT Day 2, Do this immediately

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July 11 Wellness screening
by posted 07/11/2020

NXT DAY 1 Wellness Check- Complete Immediately

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Crabfeast WAIVER- please complete today
by posted 07/09/2020


Crab Feast 2020 August 1-2 at Cedar Lane Park Bel Air, MD and Carsins Run Park Aberdeen, MD.




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Inclement Weather Warning
by posted 07/06/2020


In the event of inclement weather, we make every effort to keep the programs on schedule. When chances of inclement weather are above average , we ask all parents to remain at the venue in the event of thunder and lightning, where players are to return to their cars until determined safe. Sessions may be shortened to accommodate poor weather.


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by posted 07/06/2020

NXT Philly Summer Invitational

Video: NextLevelVideo is the provider. Video has been purchased for 2021, 2022 & 2023 Patriot teams. Video turnaround is approximately 14 days.


You will play 2 games Saturday back to back and two games Sunday back to back against predetermined opponents. The games will be full games and you will have approximately 10 minutes in between games. Your second game each day will either be on the same field or adjacent field ideally.  Once your team's games conclude we ask that you leave the facility.  There will be a gap in the schedule so new teams can arrive and warm up prior to their back to back games starting.  This format will allow for greater social distancing and greatly reduce the number of attendees on site at any one time.  We are excited to return to play in a safe manner for all.


21s and 22s will play at United Sports (Downingtown, PA)

23s will play at MSI (Aston, PA)

24s will play at the Proving Grounds (Conshohocken, PA)




Rosters will be populated by waiver process. Your parents must fill out the waiver to populate your roster!

We will print the rosters on July 6. Please make sure your parents do that prior to the 6th please.

Here is the link to the waiver.


Any questions with the waiver you can direct them to:    





Please encourage your families not to arrive to your field more than 20 minutes before your first game. We are asking this so that the teams playing before you can fully clear the facility. You will still have a solid 10-15 minute warm up with your team prior to playing.


We will play four 12 minute quarters with a 2 min break between each quarter and a 3 minute half time.

Most teams are playing 2 back to back games per day. This is not a tournament to a champion due to state guidelines.  


In lieu of a handshake line, we encourage a sportsmanship salute as a new end of game ceremony. Both teams line up 10 yards apart and wave good game to the other team. This allows players and coaches to remain socially distant.  



NCAA Rules except for 24s they will play USlacrosse/ NFHS Federation rules. 

No Dive

No Shot clock

1 timeout per game can not be used in the last 4 minutes by the winning team.


Our rule document is HERE.


Due to social distancing protocols, NXT is implementing the following face-off and draw policies for all events for the summer of 2020.


Boys High School Events:

No changes to the traditional face-off structure. Referees are encouraged to place the ball on the face-off X in advance of the players taking their positions, and to monitor the face-off from a minimum of six feet away.


Boys Youth Events (rising 8th grade and younger):

If both coaches and at least one referee agree to conduct traditional face-offs prior to the game, then face-offs may occur.  Referees are encouraged to place the ball on the face-off X in advance of the players taking their positions, and to monitor the face-off from a minimum of six feet away.

If at least one coach and/or both referees do not wish to conduct traditional face-offs, then the game will feature alternate possessions at the start of the first and second half, with a free possession at midfield for the team awarded the ball.  After each goal, the ball will be awarded to the team that just allowed the goal at goal-line extended for a contested clear, with play resuming on the referee’s whistle.  If the team that allowed the goal is trailing by four or more goals, they will receive the ball at midfield for a free possession.




There are three main rules we want everyone to be aware of that we must comply with in order to operate the event this weekend in compliance with State and County guidelines.


We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE only one parent/spectator per player attend our events at all venues this summer. At United Sports this goes further than a strong recommendation. Due to County ordinance, United Sports will be strictly enforcing the one parent rule with the aid of state police and private security.  Those of you playing/attending United Sports have been sent additional specific information in advance of the event.



1) Only one spectator per player may attend at United Sports. State police will be at United Sports along with private security.  Every car entering the venue will be stopped and checked.  If there is more than one spectator per player, the player may be dropped off, but the car will be denied access to the venue.  If you are a coach arriving in a car alone, please be prepared to tell security what team you are coaching.  Please understand that these are not our rules, but we must live by them in order to operate the event.


2) Under new PA guidelines issued by the governor, everyone must have a mask and wear it at all times when social distancing is not possible. Players must have masks also, though they are not required to wear them on the field.


3) Absolutely no multi-person tents or team tailgating setups will be allowed.  Personal shade tents and umbrellas are OK. 


A full set of United Sports facility rules, policies and safety measures is attached to this document.  Sometimes these messages end up in spam folders, please help us by circulating this info to others within your team or club.  We hope that advance notice will help head off any problems.


Thank you for your understanding.



Symptom Screening
Each day, you should be completing a self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19. You can use this image to guide your self screening. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend our event. You should also screen your athletes prior to participating in any games for the day. A form to screen your athletes can be found here.

Masks / Face Coverings
Coaching staff and other adult personnel should wear face coverings at all times unless doing so jeopardizes their health. It is most important to wear your mask when you are speaking to staff, parents, officials, or giving a talk to your teams. If you are appropriately physically distanced from others, it is ok to take a break from your mask. Masks should be worn at all times when indoors.

Social Distancing
Social distancing should be observed where feasible (e.g., on the sidelines, before games and after games, when entering and exiting the facility). Unnecessary contact including handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, and chest bumps should be avoided. Team tents and tailgating are prohibited.

Water Availability
Water will not be made available on each sideline. Please instruct your athletes to bring their own water and not to share their water bottles with others. A few water stations will be spread throughout the venue where athletes can refill their bottles. These stations will be monitored by staff to ensure proper use and regular sanitization.

For additional information and more detailed guidelines, please thoroughly read our COVID-19 Safety Plan.




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July 6 Wellness screening
by posted 07/06/2020

Complete before 2pm

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Delbarton Campus Map
by posted 06/19/2020

Delbarton School: 230 Mendham Rd, Morristown NJ 07960


Regan/Cocoziello Field:  Use East Gate Entrance, 230 Mendham Rd Morristown

Lower Abbey Field: Use West Gate Entrance, 230 Mendham Rd, Morristown

Ryan Field: Use 1 Sugar Loaf Rd, Morristown 


Delbarton’s Interactive Campus Map Link:

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Patriot Lacrosse Summer Schedule as of June 4, 2020
by posted 05/31/2020

Patriot Lacrosse Summer 2020 Schedule

as of June 11, 2020 - Click Here

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US Lacrosse Releases Return to Play Guidlines
by posted 05/31/2020

US Lacrosse Releases Return to Play Guidelines

Click Here to Download Complete Guidelines

Click Here for US Lacrosse Return to Play Portal

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Webinar Recordings
by posted 05/22/2020

What is it Like to be a College Lacrosse Player at a Service Academy, June 2nd, 2020

Patriot Town Hall Meeting - Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Patriot Town Hall Meeting - Thursday, May 21st, 2020

What is it Like to be a College Lacrosse Player - May 20th, 2020

Patriot ELITE Town Hall Meeting - Thursday, June 18th, 2020




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Video-Fall Tournaments
by posted 10/22/2019

2021, 2022 and 2023 will be filmed at each tournament. A couple weeks after the event, the film will be availabe on the platform of the video company as outlined below.


Fall 2019                
  November 3   November 10   November 17   November 24  
Patriot Elite 2021 Terp NextPro Autumn Gold, Towson NextPro     NXT NextLevelVideo
Patriot Elite 2022 Terp NextPro Autumn Gold, Towson NextPro NLF Fall Invitational NextPro NXT NextLevelVideo
Patriot Elite 2023 Terp NextPro Bulldog Bash, New Haven NextLevelVideo     NXT NextLevelVideo


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Patriot- Get the App!
by posted 09/09/2019


If you havent done so already, download the app to your phone. 

This handy app has your schedule, roster, attendance RSVP, and maps. 

Most importantly it gives us (and all of you) the ability to instant message the entire team. As we often get crazy weather, its really helpful!

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