Patriot Lacrosse offers lacrosse camps, clinics, elite teams, box lacross, summer lacrosse leagues, youth winter leagues, and many more opportunities to take your game to the next level whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete. With coaches from the

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What is the Patriot Elite Program?
Patriot Elite is a boys lacrosse club program that trains 10 times in the off season and 10 times inseason. We travel to the most well run, competitive lacrosse tournaments. For the High School Player, advanced skills, team play and college recruiting are the emphasis. For the younger player, increased skills and techniques are emphasized along with fundamentally sound team play. Each Elite Player and Team is provided an opportunity to test these skills and techniques against some of the best teams in the nation.
Why Patriot Elite versus all those other teams that pop up?
·         Reputation. We have built our reputation and relationships in the lacrosse community through years of consistently providing a well respected program for parents, players and honest communication with college recruiters.
·         We field just one team per grade because we are certain to do otherwise would compromise the program. We are lucky to attract a diverse group of great players who to try and earn a spot with our club. Our players are expected to honor their commitment to the program and when doing so receive equitable playing time.
·         Check out our Alumni page. See where Patriot Elite players have gone on to play. Keep in mind each graduating class is only one team- not multiple.
·         Because we respect your athletics dreams and your family’s intelligence. We do not fill you with marketing hype and outrageous promises. Beware of anyone that tells you they will make you  the next Tewaaraton winner.
·         We will always stress the importance of Academics in your life. Our high school players are offered the LacrossePrep system at a discount for test prep and college preparation. 
·         Most of our players plan on doing the work required to be collegiate lacrosse players. This is a club of serious student/athletes who want to play with other serious student/athletes.  You deserve that from us as well. We pride ourselves on running a very professional club. As one of the most organized clubs around; our tournament rosters are correct and submitted on time, our parents know where and when they are traveling, recruiters have our number and phone calls are answered promptly and honestly on the behalf of all our players, not a select handful.
What are you looking for in a Patriot Elite Player?
The vast majority of our players are selected based on their performance at a tryout. At times, players are assessed at the request of their high school coach. We also reserve the right to invite players to the team.  We are looking for players who want to play hard, have advanced skills but are still looking to improve each time they take the practice field. We are looking for players and families that understand and appreciate the concept of TEAM in an increasingly self-centered society.  
Does my son have to be from a certain town or student from a certain school to be considered?
NO. We are looking for the best teammates who have a real commitment to improving. Our teams typically feature a blend of student athletes from a variety of public, private and boarding schools hailing from all of NJ and occasionally beyond.
Who will be coaching my son?
This is the most important question! The reason we field such a limited number of teams is because we are committed to providing the best summer lacrosse experience and coaching possible. Many of our coaches are professional educators. Our coaches have experience coaching at all levels of lacrosse. We do not use Pro players or dads unless they happen to be great coaches first. Good current and past players with good intentions don't always make good coaches.  We only train past players in coaching that have demonstrated that ability. There is an intangible about having worked with kids as a career or for years that cannot be replicated. You are paying for coaching, make sure you are getting it! We have at least 2  designated coaches assigned to a specific team for the season. We do not float coaches between teams.
What is the commitment to Patriot Elite?
We request that you clear your calendar for June and July. 10 Mandatory practices and  4 tournaments will take place during these two months. Please plan your camps and vacations in August as to not conflict.  Elite teams will train 10 times during the fall and winter. Both youth and high school teams will have an opportunity to play in fall/winter tournaments. However,  these off season activities are not mandatory, as opposed to the inseason June and July activities.  Players involved in the Patriot Elite Team Program are prohibited from playing for other summer travel tournament teams. Habitual and demonstrated lack of commitment in the opinion of Patriot Lacrosse Inc. may effect tournament playing time, future consideration for team membership, and could result in discharge from the organization. All Patriot Elite Team Program members (coaches, players and parents) are expected to exhibit and promote the ideals of good sportsmanship and good behavior. Poor Sportsmanship and Behavior may result in discharge from Patriot Lacrosse.


Program Fee includes:
  • 10 Fall/Winter Team Sessions (Practices, Position Training, Skills Training)

  • 10 Summer Team Practices

  • 4 Summer Tournaments (overnight camp events may incur a fee)
  • 3 Fall Tournaments 
  • Family Meetings
  • Individual Player Evaluations
  • Individual College Guidance and Placement
  • Web Based College Recruiting Profile and College Planning Guide
  • Web Based ACT/SAT/SSAT Prep Program greatly discounted
  • HS Game Film
  • College Recruiting 
  • Custom, sublimated-reversible uniform
  • Family discounts available (10% off total family tuition)

Where are the practices?
Our practices are held at Delbarton School, 230 Mendham Rd. Morristown NJ 07960 or Central Park Morris, Morris Plains, NJ
Are practices and tournaments mandatory?
Yes, as mentioned earlier you are expected at every practice and tournament in June and July.
When are the Tryouts for this year?


What is the tryout structure?

Open tryouts are according to the above schedule.
The top players from tryouts will be invited to a second evaluation.
Final team selections will be decided after the second evaluations.

What are the Tryout fees?
Open Tryouts = $60.00

How do I register for Tryouts?
Register online at our website to guarantee a tryout. Only pre-registered players are guaranteed a tryout. Walk-in Registrations are first come first served and cannot be guaranteed a tryout as we limit the number of players per grade trying out. Why? Because there is only so much field space, time to complete the tryout and ability to give every player a fair look.
How many teams will Patriot Elite Field?
We field one team per grade. No practice players or developmental teams.

4th grade
5th grade

6th grade
7th grade
8th grade
 9th grade
0th grade
11th grade (and PG)

How many players do you take per team?
Approximately 22 players per team. Usually it consists of 2 attack lines, 3 middie lines, 2 defense lines and 2 goalies. Since we limit our rosters to provide the best experience possible, every player is an important member of the team. Older team with specialized positions will have additional players on the roster.
How do you inform players if they were selected to a team?
Once our teams are selected, we will email the attendees the result.
Who selects the teams?
Our selectors are any combination of Patriot clinic, Patriot Elite team, High School  and College coaches.
What happens if I do not make a team?
The reality is everyone cannot make the team. If you do not make one of our teams in a particular season you are still eligible and encouraged to tryout in following years. There are plenty of players that did not make one tryout and have had very successful subsequent years as Patriot Elite players. Keep at it!
If I make a Patriot team, do I have a spot next year or the years after?
No.  Open tryouts occur every year.
If I left Patriot for another program, can I come back to Patriot?
We understand another club may attempt to entice players away from our program with lots of promises.  We take commitment seriously. This is a team sport, not an individual effort. It is best for team moral that we do not have a swinging door policy. Only players with extenuating circumstances will be reconsidered.
How much does it cost?
Our team fee includes everything a player needs to participate in the season. Uniform package, coaching staff, field rental, practice supplies, insurance, tournament fees, helmet decals, bumper stickers,  and College Recruiting Services. We do not require players to purchase any new gear, helmets, or bags. What is not included is transportation, lodging, food and camp tuition if applicable. 
How much is your College Recruiting Program?
For High School players we include our recruiting services at no additional cost. We include SportsRecruits Account, Hudl Account, discount to AthletePrep and most importantly an open door to consultations with our staff.  Who, throughout their coaching careers, have helped literally hundreds of lacrosse players fulfill their dream of playing college lacrosse. Players with their parents have access to college guidance from Coach Ruebling personally.
I'm a High School Junior and verbally committed, what should I do this summer?

Congratulations on finding the perfect lacrosse fit as well as academic. The good news is that you still have alot of lacrosse in front of you before you begin your college career. You must continue to improve to prepare for college lacrosse. Attending practices and tournaments in June and July is the best way to improve and continue to increase the game speed and intensity you will need a the college level. Most importantly you will be preparing for your best high school year, your senior year.
What is your refund policy for the Elite Team Fee?
All fees are non refundable. When you accept an invitation to a Patriot Elite team you also accept the financial responsibility of the team fee. The team fees are established on the number of players we accept each season. Every player’s team fee goes toward the club expenses. Sadly, even in the event of an injury we have still have relied on the that players team fee in the budget. We have partnered with who will protect your investment for a small premium.
How many tournaments will you attend?
Our teams will attend four tournaments. The High school teams may attend one team camp, such as Inside Lacrosse,  where an additional fee is incurred.
Is there a lot of travel?
We typically will travel to the tristate area and Maryland which will require hotel stays.
How do you book hotel rooms?
We block hotel rooms for the group or you are free to book them yourself. We work with hotels to obtain the best fees possible, best location to the fields and to assist with keeping all of our players in the same hotels when possible. All of this information is provided in the Patriot Itinerary document provided  to all families.
Are your practices mandatory?
Yes, each player is very important to practices and games.
Do you have an alerting strategy for cancellations or bad weather?
All updates will be posted on our website. We will also send a text message to your phone if you add your phone number email address to our contact list on the registration portal.
Is there someone I can contact if I have a question about your program?
With constant access our best communication is via email. Use to contact both directors Chuck and Donna Ruebling.