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Looking back reflecting on my past experiences, I would like to thank you for the past five years as being part of the Patriot Lacrosse Program.  While playing three years and coaching for two, I have experienced valuable life lessons that will touch me forever.  From Coach Ruebling to the coaches and my teammates, everyone has touched my life in a unique and special manner that cannot be seen anywhere else in the lacrosse world.  The friendships I have established and the bonds I have created are extremely special and cannot be taken away from me at any cost.  All the great times I had while being part of the Patriot Lacrosse Family are not only irreplaceable, but left me as feeling privileged to have such a great opportunity to belong to this exceptional group of people that will continue to affect my life forever. Patriot Elite Player and Coach John Lade  
 We can't thank you, Coach and the Patriot program for all you have done.  Thomas has committed to Notre Dame.  This would not have happened without the exposure playing for Patriot provided and the kind words from Coach.
 Please feel free to use this info and both Thomas and I continue to be big  advocates of the Patriot program.
…Chuck played an integral role in helping Garrett in many ways, but most recently by reaching out to Coach Alberici at Army to inquire of any interest in Garrett. We are extremely grateful to you and your program and owe you a huge debt of gratitude. You will always have a loud voice speaking the praises of Patriot Lacrosse in Garrett and me.
Thanks for the email below.  Just getting back in the swing of things on my end after being away the last 2 weeks.  Ryan had a fantastic time this summer and really enjoyed playing for & being a part of the Patriot family.  
You guys run a class organization and it was refreshing to be a part of something so special this summer.  The Patriot brand is so well respected within the lacrosse community and that is a testament to the countless hours you & Donna devote in an effort to be the best. 
Ryan was able to get to know and play with teammates this summer that he is now grateful to call great friends.  For that, we thank you.
Thank you so much to you and Donna to making the Patriots program what it is today.  Nicholas was so honored and happy to be a part of the program, as were Kristen and me.   THANK YOU SO MUCH!
On behalf of our Family we would like to thank the Patriot organization for our best year of summer lacrosse.  Matthew and Nicholas not only took away a memorable lacrosse season but I firmly believe they are better athletes because of your program.  We as parents try to teach and instill values in our children and it is reassuring to know that your organization does the same.
We were hesitant at first to bring the boys to Patriots as we were concerned about travel for practice and whether or not the boys would fit into an organization where no one knew us.  We were all graciously welcomed by players, parents and coaches.
Your organization not only provides a highly competitive level of play but also instills the values of team work and proper conduct and for that we thank you!
Hope all is well. Thanks for allowing Jake to be a part of your program for the last 4 years. You run a great program. Thanks for being there for Jake, Cindy and myself. Much success going forward. 
Thank you for everything you have done this season and for the past 3 or 4 seasons as well.   Our son loves his time  in the Patriot program and is very fond of coach P.
I have a very real sense of what the work is that you and Donna put into Patriots and appreciate all of your effort.
 Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thank you for an excellent clinic yesterday. Jake came out with what he called “a boat load” of knowledge and new techniques and a lot of respect for Coach Schomberg (hope I spelled that right). I rarely see him that excited about learning!!
Just wanted to say thanks for being the best lacrosse coach I ever had and I had a great time this summer playing at all the tournaments.  It was great working with RJ, Derek and Coach Ford. I'll see you at the clinics this fall and winter.  Hope you have a great summer!
 I have said this to both you and Donna in the past.  Patriot Lacrosse is an amazing organization at all levels.  My boys have never even tried out for another travel team because both they and I believe there is only one uniform to wear in the summer.  What you and Donna do for the kids has an enormous impact on them in the years of puberty that can be very difficult for young boys.  Patriot Lacrosse gives them an identity, a sense of confidence, a team of close friends to be apart of, and a purpose to work hard for each year at the try out.  All of this comes at a crucial time in their lives when they are trying to figure out who they are and who they are not.  I have taken literally thousands of photos during our summer tournaments   I still look at them often (especially the older ones) and they always put a smile on my face.  They are among my favorite memories of the boys' youth and always will be.  
    You and Donna touch the lives of young children in such a positive and special way through lacrosse with the summer teams and at the ISP clinics.  I think that is something to be immensely proud of.

It has been an honor to play for Coach Ruebling and Coach Marone, they have developed not only Matt's lacrosse skills but also encouraged him to work harder in the off season to be a better athlete.  I have formed great friendships with Matt's teammate's parents and I loved cheering on the team each summer.  I will miss the parents and boys.  

I wanted to thank you and your staff for providing my son Kyle a wonderful lax experience this past winter. The instruction was excellent and very efficient.  Craig Fleishman was fantastic. His attention to detail and energy was refreshing to see. I'm pretty sure that he has already made a significant impact on my son.  Kyle clearly was a different player in our winter games this year. He's playing with a lot more confidence and it was great to see him using what he learned from the clinic. Hopefully, this will carry over to the spring and of course the summer.   I've seen great progress with some of our other CM 5th graders who participated in your clinic as well. Not only did they all learn alot, but you can tell they are even more excited about the game which is most important.
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past two years.  It is hard to put into words how much it has meant to me to be part of the Patriot lacrosse team. Beginning with the sacrifice, dedication,
 and commitment of your coaching staff and the high level of skill and unselfish play from my teammates players I consider myself very privileged to have had this opportunity. I have also developed some strong friendships which I am confident will continue through college......Patriot Elite High School Player, RV
 I was keeping my fingers crossed that you would cancel.  I’m not big on snow-driving.  Brennan was saying a prayer the other way, “please don’t cancel lacrosse tonight…”  He LOVES it!!  I wish you were doing another six weeks to fill the interim between now and the start of Spring lacrosse.
I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to play on the Patriot Silver team this summer.  I had a great time playing on such a terrific team.  I learned a lot and made some good new friends. I have gotten quite a few letters from coaches and am hoping to find a college that is good fit for me where I can play lacrosse which probably would not have happened without playing on Patriot. Thank you again for the opportunity you gave me this summer.

William loved playing for Patriot this summer. What a fabulous group of kids, great parents, awesome coach, and of course a fantastic organization!
Thank you so much for all!
Tanner has shared that he is so happy to have switched over to the Patriot program. He loves the coaching to the defensive end of the field and the over all attitudes of each of his teammates. 
We've only ever asked of him to be a a good citizen and student - his quest to fit in with a program with these same values has been his mission and he feels very comfortable in your program.
 Our Family want to say thank you again for another tremendous season!  We thoroughly enjoy being part of the Patriot Family, it has become "Tradition" for us--one which we look forward to every summer. Chuck you run an outstanding program, one which Dillon continually raves about to us --after just about every practice and Tournament!  Dillon's total and complete passion for the game is testament to the program you have developed. We have seen not only continual improvement in Dillon's abilities on the field but equally, if not more important we have seen him display leadership qualities and a keener sense of what it means to be a part of a Team--doing whatever it takes to help make the Team better as a whole.  You are helping us teach our son Life-Skills, something that goes beyond the field of play and is critical in the full development of an individual. 
It has been a terrific experience for our whole family  starting with  Michael joining the Minutemen and ending with the Silver team at the  NSCLA tournament last July. We have been fortunate to have been part  of the Patriot family. Thank you for making that experience possible.
I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me over the years with the participation in Patriot Lacrosse. It has been some of the most excited things I have had the honor of doing. I would not trade the past several summers for anything else because of the fun, meeting new friends and coaches, and getting great exposure when it comes to the high school level. With that I know I learned a lot not only from the summers, but with clinics and other things you have let me participate in. I wanted to thank you again because the summer camps and tournaments that I did  with Patriot Lacrosse helped me take recruitment to the next level. I wanted to inform you that I will be playing lacrosse for Loyola University Maryland, and I am so excited to be a future Greyhound.
Our son had a tremendous experience playing for the Patriot Cannons this past season.  He grew as a lacrosse player, through the support of the coaching staff, as well as making new friends with his teammates. He had a lot of fun with his friends and it gave our family quality time together. It was an experience we all enjoyed and we hope to continue being a part of the Patriot Elite Lacrosse program next season. Many thanks to both of you for your committment and support to the teams and families. 
Just wanted to say a long overdue thank you for another great summer of lacrosse!  Another fun and memorable year of friendship and lax for John!  And if over the years I have ever failed to appreciate to the fullest what a great experience Patriot is for John, the beaming faces of my youngest two laxers this summer, Reed and Kohl, reminded me.  They could not have been more proud or happy to be Patriot laxers!  On behalf of John, Reed, and Kohl, thank you for providing another great year of summer memories.
We should be thanking you for a wonderful summer season & a great experience for all of us! There may be other choices for summer lacrosse but being on the Patriot team, which is the best team, is truly an honor.
Chris, Nan and I love being part of the Patriot experience.  Patriot, with the great people that run and participate the program, has been an invaluable part of Chris's upbringing since 5th grade.  We are so grateful for this privilege.  I'm sure, like most great programs, Patriot thrives on great leadership.  I know we only see a small fraction of the vast efforts you put forth to make this such a quality experience for all.  Thank you so much for letting us be among your beneficiaries. 
Thank YOU for all that you do to make the Patriot Lacrosse experience what it is.  It is a wonderful group of players, parents, coaches and Patriot staff.  You are by far the most efficient and helpful organization we have had the pleasure to be a part of.  You make it very easy as a parent to know what to do, and where to be! It is easy to be dedicated to such an elite program.Enjoy a well deserved break and enjoy a safe, fun and healthy August! God bless you.
I would like to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to play on the Patriot Elite Summer team this year!  I learned a lot from the experience and really appreciate the time and effort you put into making this an outstanding program for lacrosse players!
I just returned from vacation and I wanted to formally thank you for my son's participation in the Patriots program on the Missiles team . This year was our son's first year in the program  and he really enjoyed it for many reasons including, the instruction, competition,all around high quality of the players and the opportunity to make new friends. It was more than just lacrosse and I enjoyed it as well. In addition, Aaron really enjoyed the coaching and mentoring interactions with Coach Marone and Coach Pat and his game and confidence has improved as a result and  he looks forward to his continuing improvement. Many thanks again for his participation
Just a quick note to both of you about Patriot Lacrosse.  It is really an amazing organization!  My boys came home electrified last night – talking non-stop about their teams and practice until I finally got them both to bed.  They also just sat in their rooms and stared at their uniforms and new hoodies.  For Connor, he just cannot believe that he now has the gray helmet and Patriot backpack that he has wanted for so long.  I am so happy for them both because of how proud they each are to be a part of Patriot Lacrosse.             Your efforts – and I am sure running Patriot is a hell of a lot of work – are really special to the boys lucky enough to be a part of the experience.  Beyond making them great players and teaching them the great game of lacrosse, you are teaching them life lessons they will draw upon forever.  From team work, to hard work, to commitment to excellence, to the importance and value of having good friends and strong camaraderie, it is all there!   Cathleen and I are as proud of our children for being a part of this experience as they are excited to be on their teams.  I hope (and am sure) I speak for all of the parents of players at all grade levels when I say thanks for doing this for our children and for your own commitment to excellence in making Patriot Lacrosse the finest athletic endeavor any of my four children have ever participated in.  I am very excited that the summer season is finally here!
I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all the effort you put into the summer team.  Trevor was thrilled to play for the Minutemen. The team improved with each game culminating with a win at Harvard. Thanks for your dedication to a great sport.
Grant has been extremely pleased with the excellent coaching during the clinics stating I learned more in one practice then all of (competitor’s name removed) last year.  Thanks, you should be extremely proud of Patriot Lacrosse you do a great job!!!
Thank you for the outstanding Patriot lacrosse season.  I have made a lot of new friends and had the best summer ever playing lacrosse.  My coaches were really helpful, and I have learned so much. I miss it already. Sincerely, minutemen player.
Thank you for a wonderful summer of lacrosse!  The boys had a fantastic experience and enjoyed playing lacrosse at a high level.  They both made so many friends and thoroughly enjoyed their coaches.  Kevin and I enjoyed the family time, catching up with friends and making new ones.  We appreciate the time and effort you both put into the program.  It is well organized and runs smoothly!!  Thank you for the opportunity and enjoy a much deserved summer break! 
We want to say thank you for putting together a great summer of 
lacrosse. Michael had a terrific time and  we are grateful  both for the growth in his lacrosse game and for the  continuing friendships that grow out of the associations with the many 
families in this organization. You have created an environment where 
our boys get great instruction and the chance to play at a higher 
level. The coaches were really terrific with our  boys, and their being here for our team reflects your concern for the  families in this program. Thank you!  great management!
Thanks Coach - to you and all your staff for a truly extraordinary experience.
It really exceeded our expectations and our son Greg made some wonderful friendships.
I want to thank you for a terrific lacrosse season.  I learned a lot this season about the game and the potential of playing at the collegiate level.  I appreciate all the advice you gave me the past two years.  So far, I have heard from several DI and DIII colleges. I’ll keep in touch.
I just wanted to say thanks for all of the help you've provided Christian.  As you probably know he'll play at Stevens.  I don't think he would have played college lacrosse if it weren't for the Patriot program and the inspiration and recommendations Coach Leanos gave him the last season. As I look though the high school sport pages, it nice to see a lot of the names of the boys that played Patriot lacrosse. When I look back at Christian's Patriot coaches and assistants, I don't think you could have supplied a better group of people.  Coach Naslonski brought confidence to Christian.  Coach Klank worked hard with him.  And then there was Coach Leanos, friendly and inspirational with John Lade as an assistant.  It doesn't get any better than that.
 I was recently accepted to Hamilton College and will be playing lacrosse for Coach Barnard next year! I just wanted to thank you and Patriot Lacrosse for all the help over the past two summers. I could not have done it without you!